Anne Cahill
Branch Ekaterina
Status Deceased
Location Grave site unknown
Anne Cahill was an Ekaterina guarding the Clue Phosphorus.


When she was 18, the Ekaterina leadership instructed her to take the Clue Phosphorus on the RMS Titanic from England to America. On the passenger list, she used the false name Nella Chain, and wore a cameo with the Ekaterina dragon. She stayed in cabin B77 and on April 14th, 1912, the ship hit an iceberg and sank. Anne was rescued on a lifeboat still with the Clue, and was picked up by the RMS Carpathia, and brought to New York. Seeing a chance to hide the Clue, the Ekats claimed Anne died on the ship, and Anne was sent with her Clue to Experiment, Georgia still under the name Nella Chain, and forced to never see her family again, all to protect the Clue for the Ekats.

Soon, 'Nella' came under investigation by George McClain, a Tomas who knew her Cahill heritage and her status as a survivor of the Titanic. By then 'Nella' already had a great niece. Early in 1985, at 95 'Nella' went to the doctor for a sore throat. Later in the week, George hid in a bush during a supposed garden club meeting, and was whacked on the head with 'Nella's' purse. Later George met 'Nella' walking her new dog which 'Nella' had bought for protection against peeping toms. All this made 'Nella' nervous, so she contacted Grace Cahill to take the Clue and fly it to Loch Ness, her home town in Scotland. 'Nella' got a letter back from Grace saying her plane crashed, but she left a map of the wreckage. Under investigation by the Ekats for giving Grace the Clue, Anne/Nella finally died.