Ekat logo
Headquarters/Base Cairo, Egypt, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, Island in the Bermuda Triangle
Leader(s) Bae Oh
Status Active
Goal Collect the 39 Clues before the other branches
Allies William McIntyre, The Man in Black (To an extent)
Enemies Tomas, Janus, Lucian, Madrigal branches, Nellie Gomez

The Ekaterina branch (shortened to Ekat) is a branch of the Cahill family, led by Bae Oh.


The first member of the Ekats, and their founder was Katherine Cahill, born in 1492 to Gideon Cahill, and Olivia Cahill. Gideon's other children were the future founders of other Cahill branches. In 1507, after Gideon had discovered the secret of alchemy, turning lead into gold. His house then burnt down, killing him, and soon Katherine went to Egypt, and soon married, founding the Ekaterina branch. As it grew, they became famous people, smart and good with chemistry and new age technology. They setup bases in Egypt and CERN The leadership of the Ekats soon passed on to the Oh family. They then found a clue, Mercury by Nikola Tesla after working to outdo Thomas Edison. Marie Curie found the clue Uranium and hid itundersea in the Bermuda Triangle. Soon, Gordon Oh became leader of the Ekats, but was killed by his younger brother, Bae Oh so he could be leader. The only one to see Bae's deception was young Alistair Oh, noticing that Bae's face was dry when he was 'crying'.

Ekats then located Grace Cahills plane flying, and took it out, and it crashed along with a clue, Phosphours. Devising a submarine in the form of the Loch Ness Monster, they patrolled the crash site to keep the clue safe. Later at CERN, they had a breakthrough using the hadron collider, discovering hydrogen, another clue. When Grace Cahill died, she started a clue hunt, and Alistair Oh, Ned Starling, Ted Starling, and Sinead Starling represented the Ekaterina branch in the hunt, and much to Bae's annoyance, the Starlings were out of it in Philly, and Alistair fell asleep in Salzburg. Alistair has been helping Amy Cahill, and Dan Cahill. Bae tried to set his nephew up, pinning him on a fire but failed. Bae also has Madrigal contacts.

Known EkatsEdit