George McClain
Branch Tomas
Status Alive
Location Loch Ness, Scotland
George McClain is a low-ranking Tomas agent and funeral director in Experiment, Georgia, obsessed with Nella Chain and the RMS Titanic.


George became aware of his family heritage in the Tomas branch, and eventually founded McClain and Son, one of the oldest funeral homes in Experiment. He became obsessed with a person in Experiment named Nella Chain, an old lady who George thought was a disguised Cahill who survived the Titanic's sinking. George began a mission, watching Nella, collecting Titanic artifacts and giving status updates to the Tomas leadership, striving to solve the Nella case and become a high-ranking Tomas agent. He then found a cameo of a lady who 'went down' with the ship on cabin B77, Nella Chain. He got letters from Tomas leaders telling him to stop, but he kept sending reports.

In 1989, George sent a report detailing spying he did on Nella. She went to the doctors about a sore throat, and they wrote that she was 'one tough granny', and in great health for a 95-year-old. The next day she was seen watching television, and two-days later she met with other old women. George hid in a hedge but Nella hit him with the purse. Her great-niece said it was a Garden Club meeting, but George wondered why the purse was heavy. He later saw her walking her dog, which was odd because she didn't have a dog and had trouble walking. Nella said it was protecting from Peeping Toms. The dog then threatened George, showing its teeth.

George found a letter from Grace Cahill saying the package she was carrying sank, and hid it in his briefcase with Tomas as his password. Many years later, George was one of many Cahill's going to Loch Ness, Scotland. Agent Z asked George about Anne Cahill, a Titanic passenger, but George informed Z that Anne wasn't a passenger. Z appeared again asking about Nella Chain who George asked Z about in anger. Z asked if he was a Cahill too, and George ran in a hurry citing Madrigals as the reason, leaving his briefcase.