Gideon Cahill
Branch Cahill
Status Deceased
Location Cahill Island
Gideon Cahil  (1460-1507) was the father of the founders of the future Lucian, Janus, Tomas, Ekaterina, and Madrigal branches.


Gideon was born in 1460, and married Olivia Cahill, and they had four children together: Luke, Katherine, Thomas, and Jane Cahill. Gideon discovered the secret of alchemy, how to turn lead into gold. However, his main work was a miracle serum that could cure the plague. He gave a fourth to each of kids, and unknowingly altered their DNA pattern. He then learned Olivia was due to have another child. Gideon was betrayed by Damian Vesper, his lifelong friend. The Vesper family killed Gideon in 1507 in a fire that burned the house to the ground.


Gideon was a master alchymest.