Isabel Kabra was a Lucian-Vesper who would do anything to stop Amy and Dan Cahill from going to search clues. When Irina Spasky told Amy that Isabel was a liar and she couldn't be trusted. Amy was walking to her hotel

Then she saw Ian and he made Amy come on Isabel's boat. Isabel said there would be a cove that they were going to sight see. When they got to the cove Isabel said that Amy and Ian should make up. Amy refused and said the only reason she was here was because she wanted to know who had murdered her parents Hope Cahill and Arthur Trent. Isabel said the murderer who murdered Amy's parents was Irina Spasky. Now Amy was confused. Then she found out the reason Irina said whatever Isabel said was a lie because she knew Isabel would say Irina set the fire. Amy didn't know what to say. It was really hard to trust her when Isabel said said to tell her all the clues they had or else Amy had to swim with sharks trying to bite her leg. Hamilton came with a para glider and made Isabel slip of the boat and saved Amy. He owed Amy because she gave him a clue. Isabel quickly hung on to Amy's leg. Amy kicked her leg off. Isabel fell again. She made it to the land part avoiding sharks. Getting home, she told Irina that everything was her fault.

Isabel handed her the necklace Grace Cahill gave to Amy. Isabel gave it only because she scanned it and found out there was nothing special to it. Irina knew that it was special and she knew that because she knew it had Grace's love to Amy and that was important to Amy.

Later we discover that Isabel is an evil Vesper that will sacrafice her own kids to take over the world.She murdered Hope and Arthur Cahill.Isabel also murdered others,Including Irina, and Lester.Isabel is a muderer even tho she is still a kid