Ned Starling
Branch Ekaterina
Status Alive
Location Philadelphia
Ned Starling is one of the Starling triplets.


Ned was one of the Starling triplets along with Ted, and Sinead. They were born into a rich family, and grew used to going around in limos. They went to Grace Cahill's mansion every winter for a week to meet with other Cahills.

After the death of Grace, the three Starling's went to Grace's funeral, putting a shovel of dirt on her coffin. They were invited to the will reading of Grace, and went into the Great Hall of the mansion, where they could take a million dollars, or they could hunt for the 39 Clues. The Starling's accepted the challenge, and got the first clue with RESOULTION and Richard S___. They got an idea and left. On I-95, they followed Amy, and Dan Cahill, but their au pair, Nellie Gomez flew off an exit ramp, leaving the triplets behind. They tracked them to the Science Museum where Sinead took a photo of the lead Dan had found with the black light reader. Sinead requested a head start, and said that if they didn't, Ned and Ted would hurt them. Amy tried to warn Sinead of The Man in Black but she didn't believe her. The Starlings went through the archway, and an explosion crushed them with rubble. Ned was blind, but alive.