Paul Addison
Branch Tomas
Status Alive
Location Drumnadrochit, Scotland
Paul Addison is a kid who doesn't believe in the Loch Ness Monster.


Paul had lived on the docks of Loch Ness and the town of Drumnadrochit, and loved it there, but he hated the tourists who believed in the monster. He started a blog called There Something Fishy in the Loch as an anti-Nessie site. He also updated his CliqueMe page to include his status of proving the monster was a myth. Paul went to the Nessie Shack run by Charlie Wallace, the 'biggest nutter of them all' who insisted the monster was real. Paul spread the word, and other kids agreed Charlie was a nutter. On Charlie's NessieLives site, Paul saw a new picture he uploaded, and went out to the loch. He captured a picture of a submarine periscope with the Ekaterina crest. He began getting e-mails from Charlie telling him to stop his research and ran away. He met Agent Z in the graveyard, and told Z about Charlie.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Paul is persistent, and a good sleuth able to determine the truth in things. He likes know the truth about many things.