Ted Starling
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Branch Ekaterina
Status Alive
Location Phiadelphia
Ted Starling is one of the Starling triplets.


Ted was a triplet, and his siblings were Ned, and Sinead. They went together to the week-long winter holidays with Grace Cahill at Cahill manor, meeting several distant cousins from various countries.

The triplets went to Grace's funeral, and Ted put a shovel of dirt on her grave. He and his siblings were invited to the will reading where William McIntyre played a video of Grace telling them they could take a million dollars, or hunt for the 39 Clues. The Starlings decided to hunt together, and they got a clue card saying RESOLUTION and Richard S____. They put their heads together, then departed the manor. Later they were following Amy and Dan Cahill when the car they were in sped off an exit ramp, courtesy of Nellie Gomez. They later traced the Cahills to the Science Museum, and Sinead got a photo of the lead to the clue. She requested a head start or Ned and Ted would hurt Amy and Dan. After being warned of The Man in Black, the triplets laughed it off, going under an archway that exploded crushing the triplets. Ted survived along with his fellow triplets.